About Barefoot

A little about Barefoot Photographics and myself, Tracey Bridger.

Barefoot photographics was established in 2012 after a lifelong obsession with taking photographs, trouble was, I was pretty wrapped up with raising my fabulous sons mostly single handedly and I was both short of time and money to spend.

I have for the last 31 years been a hairstylist by trade, it’s been another avenue to my artistry, it’s done me proud and I’ve travelled the world snipping and crimping, but as life moves on, changes come about.
Three years ago I met an amazing man, and even though I never thought I would consider it again, I got married, and with my new life, came new direction. My new husband recognised my obsession with taking photographs as something that could be so much more, and our first Christmas together saw me spoiled by Santa with my gorgeous D7000! I was instantly smitten, at last I could achieve the images I had imagined for years.

I took a couple of photographic courses with Blink of Leamington, they are two super talented guys, I really got to grips with my camera, and over the next year gradually bought some fantastic lenses and equipment. I guess I’m lucky though, I know if something will work the second I look through the viewfinder, you can’t be taught that. I am also hopelessly in love with colour and light, although when you see my work you will notice how much I use black and white photography, the contrast between light and dark can be so dramatic. And so up to date I am decreasing my snipping and increasing  my snapping! I seriously don’t have enough hours in my day to capture all the beautiful people and creatures out there, they are my favourite subjects, and I know, they are the toughest!

Barefoot PhotographicsI work with natural light where possible, I think you get a far more true image than in a studio, I like the way the shadows and light can influence an image. I also like to capture a situation or event as it unfolds, a true documentation, there’s always room for a line up or two, often necessary at weddings of course, but the best photographs will capture the natural events and unplanned moments that unfold right infront of you when you least expect. In a nutshell, I am an observer of life, I notice the child with its nose squished on the window pane when he should be facing forward concentrating on the event in hand!

Thank you for stopping by to read my introduction, I very much hope to meet and photograph you all one day soon.